braids damage hair

Lets be very careful how we answer the question do braids damage hair and are they good for you etc…etc. Keeping it real with you the answer to this question is both YES and NO!


First lets tackle the yes. You can do some serious damage with braids if you try to wear them for months and months without letting your hair breathe. You also have to pay attention to how they wear when you start getting new growth. They become heavy and un-natural and can begin to tug away at the roots as you sleep on them or swing them in day to day activities.

Major Braid Issues

Anyone who has suffered breakage and damage from braids you can bet your bottom dollar it was because of one of the following things.

1. The hair was already damaged before the braids were put in.

2. The braids were put in too tight.

3. They were left in too long.

4. The hair underneath wasn’t being taken care of.

5 The take down process was done badly resulting in major breakage.

6. The hair wasn’t properly conditioned before and after the braids were put in.

7. The braids were too small or too heavy for the sections of hair they were put on.

8. The hair was relaxed immediately before the braids were put in or immediately after they were taken out.

So that leads us to the NO. Remember braiding of hair is a protective styling option that truly works. If you avoid or should I say follow some of the things listed above you can braid your hair all the time without any damage and can truly grow it out to be long and healthy.

Hope this helps.

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