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Bronner Brothers February 2011

Bronner Brothers 2011

This February on from the 19th-22nd The Bronner Brothers 2011 International Hair show will once again be held at the Georgia World Congress Center. If you have never been to the world’s largest exhibit hall for hair care make sure you arrange to attend this 3 day event in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bronner Brothers provides training and education classes for hair along with “The Hair Battle Royale”, The Fantasy Competition” and comedy from Ricky Smiley and “The Masters of Comedy” this February. I’m sure Ricky along with Special K and Lamar Walker will keep you entertained. There will be thousands of hairstyles and hundreds of hair stylist on deck to please everyone. Products will be available for every hair texture and type so get ready. To sum up the show in four words it’s Elegant, Exciting, Entertaining and Stunning.

Thirsty Roots will be there to document the event through video and photography so you know the recap will be extra official just like the Bronner Brothers Hair Show August 2010. See you there!

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