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If you are trying to choose which design of cornrows you want to get, a cornrow gallery of styles could be your best friend. This guide can help direct you through the world of cornrow designs. However, before you would need to use this guide, you would first have to decide you want cornrows.

First, what is a cornrow? The simplest definition may be to say that it is a hairstyle, and to be more exact it is a popular braided hairstyle. However, they are not only a hairstyle they are a self-expression, a symbol of a culture, and an expression of ethnic beliefs.

Ancient African people wore them as a sign of their origin. This hairstyle survived many generations and it was eventually brought to the new world when slaves were forced to come to America.

Not long after slaves came into America, this hairstyle became a symbol of the Black Nationalist Movement. Black men and women displayed their natural hair proudly in this style as a way to prove that black men are just as good as white men.

This hot and sexy style gives everyone who wears it a way to express them individually. It does not matter if this hairstyle focuses on simple straight braids or complex curved braids, everyone can feel unique. To understand this style, you would have to try it for yourself!

There are thousands of braided designs from which to choose. It is impossible to run out of ways to braid a person’s hair in cornrows. The only thing limiting your choices is your imagination. There are designs ranging from very simple straight designs in different patterns or curved and geometric designs. Some designs received their name after the celebrities who first sported them.

A well-put together cornrow style gallery would have many different things included. Not only would you be able to find hundreds of pictures of cornrow designs, but you should be able to learn other things about this hairstyle as well. These things should include the history of cornrows, instructions on how to braid cornrows, and how to maintain a cornrow style.

A person might find himself or herself overwhelmed with the possible designs. There are so many it could be hard to choose just one. The good news is you have your entire life to try different styles because this hairstyle does not seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Just remember to give hair time to rejuvenate in between styles and to keep the braids in no longer then three to four weeks.

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