Cornrow hairstyles

Cornrow hairstyles are extremely popular in the African American culture. Cornrows have an extensive history among this culture of people. If you are thinking about having your hair styled in cornrow braids, here are some facts that you might interesting to know.

When properly cared for cornrows can stay in your hair for up to four weeks without damaging your hair. Anything longer than four weeks will increase the chances of your hair breaking or becoming matted. It is very easy to care for this hairstyle and does not require much time. One of the most important ways to keep hair from becoming matted is wearing a silk scarf over the braids when sleeping.

African American women were timid about wearing their natural hair in public in the nineteen sixties. That was until a popular actress was shown on TV wearing her hair in cornrow braids. Many people believe that this gave African woman the inspiration they needed to wear their natural hair in public.

The most common design is the basic straight back design. This is when hair is braided from the forehead back to the nape of the neck. As the name suggests they are braided straight back. However, there are thousands of designs to choose from, and some of these designs can take as long as 13 hours to complete.

Cornrows have been disputed in the workplace because they appear to be an unprofessional hairstyle. Many employers have banned them from their place of business and any employees seen wearing them are fired for breaking dress code. If this is fair or not depends on your outlook on braids. In some religions, braids are strictly prohibited.

How you would maintain your cornrows would depends on your type of hair. There are some specific rules that everyone needs to follow. If not taken care of correctly, hair can be damaged and if braids are done to tightly, they can cause hair to fall out. This is a big concern for people especially around the edges of the hairline.

If cornrows are not washed correctly, or with the correct shampoo, they will come out of your hair. When washing cornrows you need to use a dry shampoo. You can also use a mild astringent in the hair to clean your scalp. You can use a small amount of gel to keep stray hairs in place, but do not use too much or you will end up with a lot of product build-up.

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