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A quick look at some of the curly hair weave hairstyles that you can mimic easily without a bunch of high maintenance. These are some great looks that thousands of women have sported at least once in there selection of extensions to buy.

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Our goal is to share the beauty of Afro-textured hair and to have a place where we can come together to get examples, advice, and information of black hair growth and hairstyles. Whether you have permed, pressed, or natural hair it's still black hair and it's beautiful.


  • With the black weave-curl what kind of weave is that and how is it done i really love that and want to try it with my own hair.


  • OMG!!!!! I really love this hair style!!!! What is the name of the hair? I really would like to try this hairstyle!!!

  • Please tell me what type of hair is used for this style that wont mat or frizz easily and what products do you recommend to keep it looking good.

  • What is the name and curl pattern of the hair in the black-weave-curl photo and is it human hair?

    Thank you.

  • The author of this article column might as well have not even posted any of theose photos, for there is zero hair information provided about those curled weave styles to allow for readers/admirers to copy. It was asked repeatedly for the brand of hair, type of curl, etc – NO RESPONSE..
    Clearly better web maintenance is required by thirsty roots to adhere to their readers requests…… disappointed

  • Sorry to say people, but these are pictures I found on the web and I do not know the hair type that any of these women are wearing. I did not realize it would be a popular question that so many people want the answer, I was just posting a gallery of curly weave styles that I like.

    @Priss Your comment is greatly appreciated. I am sorry for no response, but I have not been able to respond to any comments on the site because its only me moderating and maintaining the site. The comments are overwhelming due to the fast growth of the site. I will try to do better at responding to comments. Thanks.

    – Sharina

  • I would think you can achieve this curly look by getting indian remi hair, virgin remi hair or even Malaysian Remi hair. Which I have heard is really good quality of hair. I hope to experience the Malaysian Remi Hair but it is expensive on the market. The curl patterns to look for in order to get this curly/wavey pattern is Deep wave, Brazilian wave, jerry curl and some brands even call it french have. What I have experienced with the wet n wavey pattern is that the curl pattern is not big curls more jerri curl. But its more versitle.

  • Hello everyone I to love this style and I have the answer that everyone Is seeking first and foremost the model is not wearing a weave it is her natural hair seen this pic for John Frieda I myself have natural curly hair but know were as beautiful as her’s and had inquired with their ad on the product they used to achieve this style that’s why there gas not been a response 🙁

  • i love the kinky curls that the first && second models are rockiing && i would love to do it with a weave but i am a bit of scared. i have a widows peak and i have a lot of hair. . . how would i go about mixing my own hair with the weave as naturally as possible

  • I found some hair VERY similar to this. And I love the look, feel, & maintenance of it. The brand I bought was Bijoux, Indian Collection, Pre Curl, Wet & Wavy, 100% Human Hair. This hair I can straighten as well! And it can go back to curly. I got a friend of mine to do a quick weave, that was LONG overdue. Being a full time worker, Mom, & proud black woman, I needed to treat myself to some TLC. Thank God I found this hair! It’s tangle free & I truly love it!

  • Please let me know where I can purchase the curly weave hair. I live in the washington,dc area.

  • The hair the model is wearing can be purchased at myheavenlyhair.com at 150.00 per pack

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