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Detangling Natural Hair

If you use a comb to detangle make sure it's a WIDE TOOTH COMB! Denman brush is preferred!

Detangling natural hair can scare you if you are new to it but don’t worry we are here to help. So here is is a written tutorial on how to make it all happen. Really it is a list on things to keep in mind when taking on this task. To watch video tutorials you should definitely head over to Youtube.

Before you start there is an order to what you must do when detangling your thirsty roots.

  1. Treat The Hair
  2. Rinse The Hair
  3. Condition The Hair
  4. Detangle The Hair


  1. Only do it when wet
  2. Use a Denman brush
  3. Don’t be rough
  4. Use a creamy conditioner vs a watery conditioner
  5. Stretch out hair
  6. Start at ends and work your way up
  7. Section off hair to make it easier
  8. Rinse with warm water when done

You should get in the practice of styling or maintaining your hair once a week at most. We have found that the less you touch your hair the more healthier it grows. You should be sleeping with a satin scarf wrap on your head or laying on a satin pillowcase while sleeping because cotton robs your hair of moisture.

Spend more time detangling the middle and back or your hair because this is where most women get tangled up. This is due to sleeping positions, couches and headrest. These amongst other things touch sections of your hair more frequently than other parts. Remember no matter how gentle you are in detangling your hair you will still get some that will come out. This is normal just be sure to practice working snags carefully with your fingers and the denim brush.

If you use a comb to detangle make sure it's a WIDE TOOTH COMB! Denman brush is preferred!

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