dreadlocks and maintenance


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This video have a few tips on dreadlocks and maintenance. It is very important to maintenance your hair for a healthy journey whether its natural, relaxed, or in dreadlocks. If you don’t want Matted Dreads as a style choice, then make sure you maintain your locs with proper care and routine visits to your stylist to re-twist the new growth from the roots.

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  • ma dreads do inches alot so wht can i do 2 keep ma hair clean and been very comfartable

  • My scap itche alot also, what i had to do was switch over to the latch hook method, now i wash my hair once a week and i use black caster oil once or twice some times three times a week, with the latch hook you can wash your hair as often as you would like, because it will not come loose. plus I work as a Secretary and I cant have my hair looking crazy, it has to be neat and clean. once I went over a week without washing and my scap got real dry that you can see the flakes. but the black castor oil really helped.

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