dreadlocks loose roots

There are many who wonder what they need to do with dreadlocks loose roots. The answer is NOTHING. Let them do what they will do anyway which is dread up themselves.

There has been some back and forth debating about locking up the roots of your hair with new growth but many of them are myths.

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  • Hello there,

    The excess hair we see at the scalp are what you would call “new growth” or “bush”. You can wear your dreads with the “bush” or twist it.

    Some people find that palm rolling doesn’t work for them because of the 4-6 week re twisting process; while others result to the same technique they use for Sisterlocks.

    It is okay to wear your hair with new growth there are other ways to cover it using WRAPS, HEADBANDS, SCARFS, and STYLES that don’t require the individual twisting of every lock.

    Hope this was helpful,

    Imagination to Reality

  • a small amount of new growth is normal. now inches upon inches of new growth is not good. you have to think of it like the new growth on relaxed hair. when the new growth becomes too long the loc can & will break off because there’s too much of a demarcation between the loc’d hair & the loose hair. i’ve seen many people lose a loc because of too much new growth.

  • I totally agree with you.I’ve had locks for about 2 years now, I like the rugged look and didn’t like to re-twist, recently some of them started to break off, especially the front ones which were a bit weaker cz that’s how my hair is at the front and back,(along the hairline)Now I touch up new growth once a month, at least I get a rough but neat look all month and 2 weeks of extremely neat locks after after that.It’s a good bargain.Thank you for helping out,we dread heads can be ignorant at times.:)

  • I have recently started to latch hook my new growth. It collects the new growth and does not look too different if you have been palm rolling. I wash my locs often and find that I don’t have to do much as the hairs are more secure. Even if you just do the front and back of your head, it gives the illusion that your whole head is freshly done.

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