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Fern’s sew in weave hairstyles

Thirsty Roots Member Fern’s sew in weave hairstyles are camera ready! You want to look like a star, well check out her sew in weave and other hairstyles such as braids and sew in dreads in the community. Fern is a hair stylist doing her thing and “Loving some hair”! I just know these sew ins are live!

Great skills Fern!

Click Here for her Thirsty Roots Community Profile.

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  • On her profile page, she says she is currently working out of her home and soon will be opening a salon. I am not sure where, you have to talk to her in the community to get more info.

  • Could you please let me know how to get in touch with you to get my hair done. I live on post Ft. Campbell. I am looking to get my hair done on Friday hopefully early.

  • hi, i was wondering how i can get in touch with you. im in the clarksville area and im trying to get my hair done this following week like on 2/02/11……thank you

  • What is your contact information, I would like to know how much you charge for a sew in weave i need my hair done around 3/5/11

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