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Sara’s locs extensions

I was checking out Sara’s locs extensions in the community and wanted to share it with our readers. Her stylist did a great job. Sara is on the journey of discovering her “thirsty roots” and joined the community to get advice, hair care, and lock maintenance information.

In her words: “Recently I’ve invested in loc extensions…and even though its not the most traditional way of achieving locs, they look AMAZING!!”

You are right, Sara, they do look amazing!

Click Here for her Thirsty Roots Community Profile.

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Our goal is to share the beauty of Afro-textured hair and to have a place where we can come together to get examples, advice, and information of black hair growth and hairstyles. Whether you have permed, pressed, or natural hair it's still black hair and it's beautiful.


  • i want to grow dreadlocks. i am veri interested in recieving some info on how to start them.. the thing is that i have shoulder length hair and i dont want to cut it to start the locs…how can i do that without cutting my hair…….help

  • umm i want to try the loc extensions. so what kind of hair should i buy? whats the name of the hair and where can i find it?

  • I too want to try the loc extensions. Please share the hair type and the process if you know, or if you have any recommendations for stylist in the San Franciso Bay Area? Sarah’s hair is beautiful!!! One more question; do you keep using the synthetic or human hair to wrap the roots are you now just twising your own hair???

  • Thanks for the compliments!! I just wanted to do a quick response and im not sure how much it will help but when i got my loc extensions the process was very similar to getting box braids. The only difference was they wrapped the braid tightly with the “kinky” human hair after. She needed at least 2 in. of hair to start and it took about 7 or 8 hours. Unfortunately I have no idea where she got her hair from because it was ordered from overseas. But the texture of the hair was extremely tight just like in an afro. I heard that your supposed to get it rewrapped with new hair after a period of time but i just retwist my own roots and everything looks fine.

  • I just added loc. ext to my hair (new to me) b est ways to care for it,,, help me out, wash / dry/oil. all that good stuff holla…

  • Hi Willie, in the beginning I washed carefully with my fingertips/nails but I’ve had them over a year now and I can be a little more careless. I recently began using a moisturizing conditioner by Sebastian because I lightened the color alot. After a wash I do a hot oil treatment and sit under the dryer for about 15 minutes and then I retwist with the Jamaican Lime & Mango locking gel. I try to spend at least 2 hours under the dryer. During the week I use either castor or olive oil on my scalp about every two days.

    Thank you MZJENN! I payed $500 for my extensions, expensive but I believe it was worth every penny.

  • hi im woody and i just recently started dreads i had them for a while now but before i had gotten them i was getting perms and i wanted to know if you know any ways how to make them alittle thicker. i also wanted to add extensions

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