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Hair Relaxer and Exercise

Normally hair relaxers and exercise do not mix. A good workout will surely make your head sweat from the scalp which will wet up your hair. This is a major problem if you are relaxed because this means the new growth is the first thing that gets wet and that’s natural hair. Our hair in it’s natural state needs moisture and without it we will experience dryness and brittle follicles.

Depending on how much new growth it is the sweat will travel down the hair shaft meeting the relaxed hair and you will experience breakage at some point if not properly taken care of. Remember sweat has salt in it which will quickly dry out your thirsty roots making them prone to more breakage.

If you are natural it will be a lot easier to handle as a good washing, conditioning and moist and seal session will get you back on track.

So what is the solution to exercising with relaxed hair. Here are some tips…

– Protect your ends by sealing them with an oil. The ends of your hair are the oldest part of your thirsty roots and the most fragile.

– Wrap and tie down your hair with something like Nicole Arie Parker’s “Save Your Do Gymwrap”. This will minimize sweat which helps avoid getting that salty water on your hair.

– Rinse sweat out of hair ASAP. Co-Wash twice using conditioner instead of shampoo if you wash your hair more than 3 times a week because of your exercise routine. Shampoo on the weekend for the third washing.

Here is an excellent article that will inform you about dry hair and how you should wash your relaxed hair or natural hair.

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