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Black hairstyles for flower girls can be as much fun as black bridal hairstyles. In fact, they have many similarities. The difference is that with young girls the hairstyle does not have to be as sophisticated. In addition, when dealing with children’s hair you need to find a more comfortable style. Otherwise, the child will have the hairstyle out of their hair in no time.

Kinky curls are a great way to display the natural beauty that comes with African hair. This hairstyle does take some planning and work in advance. When finished it is an amazing hairstyle for young flower girls. Before you can get kinky curls, you first need to create a twist hairstyle. Two days before the event, wash and condition the child’s hair. While hair is damp, part and twist all of the hair. Allow hair to air dry for two days and take the twist style out the morning of the occasion. You should be left with beautiful kinky curls that frame the child’s face beautifully.

If you are looking for a more simple style, afro puffs might be the hairstyle for you. If you are familiar with the afro hairstyle, then you will have no problem with this one. This hairstyle is super quick and very simple. It does not require any advance preparation or chemicals to complete this style. After hair has been washed and dried, brush the hair back into two ponytails.

Fluff the afro puff to the desired shape. You can also backcomb the hair for a fuller puffier look.

A simple and cute bun can become a gorgeous style for a young flower girl. You can dress this style with many different accessories, and bangs can make this style pop. Wash and condition the hair. Brush the hair while blow-drying to achieve a straighter look. This will make it easier to style the hair. Brush hair to the back of the head, and then brush out a small amount of hair for bangs. Secure hair into a ponytail and then wrap the remaining hair around the elastic band. Secure the hair with a scrunchie and add accessories.

Cornrow braids can be amazing when seen on a young child, and dresses with cute bows or flowers. Have the hair braided a couple of days in advance to make sure the child is comfortable with the hairstyle. It can be slightly uncomfortable the first couple of days. The day of the wedding, attach small bows to each braid. This is a very cute style for a flower girl, and the bows should match the wedding colors.

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