How do i braid four strands?

How do I braid four strands of hair? The answer to this is rather simple, but requires some practice to get it perfected. Before tackling the four-strand braid, you should first learn how to braid with three strands of hair. This article will give instructions on both.

Three Strand Braid

This basic braid is the one that is most commonly used. This braid is the foundation for some of the best hairstyles available for African hair. This one is the one that is used in the cornrow style that is so popular in the African American culture. Learning this basic braid is rather simple and should be practiced, and perfected, before trying the four-strand braid.

Separate the section of hair that you are working with into three equal sections. Hold these sections in a way that is most comfortable to you. It is impossible to teach someone how to hold the strands of hair when braiding, because everyone eventually adapts to their own way of doing it. Part of perfecting this method is learning how to make it work for you.

Once hair is separated bring the left strand over the middle strand, it should now be the center strand. Do the same thing with the right strand of hair. Continue with this pattern all the way down to the ends of the hair. Secure hair with an elastic band and repeat these same steps for the rest of the hair if needed.

When you have perfected the method of the three-strand braiding, you can move onto braiding four strands of hair. This is much more complicated, hence the reason you should tackle the three strands braid first. Even those who are excellent at the three-strand method have been known to have a hard time with four strands, and sometimes never get it down. Do not get frustrated, you will eventually get it!

You will start this method in the same way as you did before, separating the hair into equal parts. This time you will obviously need four equal strands instead of three. Once you have separated hair you are ready to begin.

Bring the left most strands over the one next to it to the center; bring the right most strands under the strand next to it towards the center at the same time. You will then cross the two center strands right over left. Repeat these steps down the entire length of hair. You should be left with a beautiful and unique braid. Secure the end with an elastic band and continue on to the next one if needed.

Braiding is a simple and effective hairstyle, and once you have mastered it there are many wonderful ways to braid a persons hair.

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