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How Do You Put Weave In Hair

Beauticians say that people always ask them “How do you put weave in hair?” To put weave in your hair, you should have a professional do it, if you want it done right most of the time. Most stylist will tell you that this is not an easy question to answer. There are so many different weaving styles out there so the better question would be which one should I get? You may even want to ask about a specific style. Trust me if you search on the Internet you will get back a bunch of styles, so lets talk about some of them.


The first thing you will need to do is go and choose the type of hair you would like to put in. Do a little online research and see what type of hair people are raving about in quality. Then go to some of your local hair stores and see if you see a style on one of the mannequins that you feel will fit your face. Be mindful if you are trying to do this yourself that you may want to get hair that matches your texture first unless you are aiming to cover the whole head.

Now decide on how you are going to apply the hair because you need to buy the supplies. Are you going to give yourself a quick weave or try a sew in? You can also put weave in hair by braided hair weave extensions. It is not hard to learn how to do yourself. The problem is just that it is time consuming. Quick weaves are what a lot of people learn to do themselves. With a quick weave you take your hair and place it in a wrap and glue your hair weave onto your hair, or you can also put a cap such as an shower cap over your head then a wig cap on top of it and from there glue the hair onto the wig cap. You not only have a quick do but you also now have made yourself a wig.

As far as supplies, well for braiding all you really need is the hair, some scalp oil, and oil sheen for your hair. A quick weave will need glue as well as what was mentioned earlier. With a sew in you will need to get hair that is on tracks and in order to sew it in you will need a hair sewing needle and the thread. The thread does come in various colors such as brown, black, and blond. You can talk with the sales person at the hair store and ask them how do you put weave in hair they may be able to get you started in the right direction.

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  • Hi I am thinking of gettin the sewing extentions but i have very short hair is it still possible for me to get this method done?

  • Hi Shauna,
    As long as you can find someone who can braid your hair in cornrows without the braids slipping out, then you can get sew-in extensions.

  • Hi I want to get a sewn in but I want to relax and put a rinse in my hair before I do. How long should I wait after putting a relaxer in? Also the stylist wants to put fake braids in to hold the hair better once I have put the relaxer in is that ok?

  • Hello I’m going to Jamaica and I would like to know what kind of hair would be good to get wet but also still easy manage and look good for a week?

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