How Much Do Cornrows Cost?

pictures of braids and cornrows

How much do cornrows cost?  Perhaps not as much as you might think, especially since you might consider getting this hairstyle in place of what you would normally have done.  After all, cornrows should be kept in for several weeks, which means you won’t necessarily have to visit a salon again for nearly a month!  The average stylist charges between $50 and $100 depending on their quality, reputation, and the type of work you need done.

There are many different kinds of cornrows.  The basic style of tight braiding that starts close to scalp has been employed for thousands of years.  In fact, some evidence suggests that civilizations from as early as 500 B.C. may have used these methods, as seen from depictions in hieroglyphs and sculptures.  The most prominent sculpture that features cornrows is actually the majestic Sphinx in Egypt.  Other cultures where this hairstyle has been found are in Africa and in Nigeria.

Communities from each of these respective regions would, of course, go about using these braids in different ways.  This resulted in each tribe being able to identify members of other tribes or families because of their hairstyles.  Sometimes this was simply done by the arrangement of the braids while other times it was due to the use of shells or beads.

This style was not introduced to North America until after the slave trade brought many indigenous people from Africa, particularly, to the United States.  These native Africans brought with them their traditions and cultural practices, which included hair braiding.  Over time it was a condition that continued to be passed down through generations.

Eventually, though, these traditions started to work their way to the forefront of society.  After the Black Pride Movement of the 1960s, many African Americans sought to wear natural and traditional hairstyles in order to get back in touch with their roots.  Those who were exposed to the ancient wisdom were able to take advantage of this trend easily.

You may familiar with all of the possibilities that cornrows can provide if you look at many successful black entertainers and athletes.  Many of them wear their hair with intricate designs to establish their own style.  These are usually the more expensive cornrows, but not just because the designs are complex but because they take many hours to complete.  Some sessions can last five hours or more, and some even require two sessions!

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