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When you follow the proper instructions on micro braids techniques, you will quickly find that they are not the same as invisible braids.  This is a common misconception that people make when they are not familiar with hairstyling.  The main difference between these two is the invisible braids are only braided for an inch or so and very close to the scalp, but performed in such a way in which the braid itself is almost impossible to see, especially to the untrained eye. After this first inch, the rest of the hair is left free.  Micro braids, on the other hand, describes the technique of braiding full strands of hair but in extremely small strands.

Micro braids are perhaps most common among African American women because it allows them to exert more control over their natural locks.  The most intricate micro braids, like cornrows and other intricate braid work can be left in for many weeks at a time, which is quite beneficial for almost anyone, but especially for ladies with longer hair that seems quite untamable.  This can include children and even men who prefer to have longer hair.  In fact, on some men it can be very attractive and classy.

If you want to get micro braids, you will likely need to have them done by a professional.  Before you go about making the appointment, though, you need to know that it can take several hours to complete.  Sometimes you might not even be able to get all of your hair braided in a single sitting, so you may need to make multiple appointments.  However, if you are prepared for this investment, go ahead and make the call.

You will need to properly prepare your scalp and hair for the process.  The first thing that you should probably do is to cut your hair to the length that you desire.  Typically though, you only need to do this to prevent the presence of split ends.  You can start your other preparation at home, or it can be included in your trip to the salon.  You also need to use a quality conditioner and massage it deep into the scalp several times before braiding.  The next thing you have to do is perform a hot oil treatment to ensure that your scalp and every strand of hair are thoroughly moisturized as dry hair can and likely will break.  The rest is pretty straightforward:  a professional will braid your hair in the desired manner for as long as it takes.

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