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How to tree braid weave

A tree braid weave needs little maintenance and is very versatile. Tree braid hairstyles are a very fast growing trend. It used to be that braided hairstyles were only popular in the African American culture. Today, they are a great choice for any type of hair. This article will review what a tree braid weave is and how it is done.

This hairstyle adopted its name because the end of the braid and the extension look similar to a tree trunk. This style is complicated and you will most likely need to go to a stylist to have it done. At the very least, you will need a second pair of hands to help you. It will take about three to four hours to complete this hairstyle, depending on the length of your hair.

Many women prefer this method of getting extensions because their hair is protected from chemicals. The natural hair is cornrow braided to lie flat against the scalp. The hair extensions are weaved into the cornrow braids. It is also believed to be less painful the ordinary weave methods. It is a great hairstyle for busy women because it requires very little maintenance, you will need to condition, and that is about it.

As noted before this is a complicated hairstyle to do on your own, but if you want to try this in a friends hair you can follow these instructions. Work with sections that are no larger than one-half of an inch. You can use clips to hold hair that you are not currently working with, out of your way. Make sure that you do not braid hair that is not supposed to be braided. You want the rows to be neat, tidy, and even.

Apply the hair to your parted sections, and separate into three equal sections. Braid the hair and the hair extensions together, in an under braiding style, for about one-half of an inch. Take a couple of strands of the hair extension and clip them out of the way. Continue braiding until you have reached a desired length to begin hair extensions. Allow the middle section of hair to remain out of the braid and use two fingers to create a knot with the other two sections. Knot hair twice and unclip the sections of hair, letting them blend into the other hanging hair.

Continue braiding and repeat these steps over the entire head. The extensions that you allow to hang down should be evenly spaced. It may take practice to complete this style perfectly. If you do mess up, you can go back and fix it easily.

Here are some great tips that you can use to create the best-finished look. Use human hair that is longer than eighteen inches, the hair you use should be loose, use a spray in conditioner two to three times a week, and tying a scarf around your head at night can help protect your extensions.

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