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instructions for braiding hair in cornrows

You can find instructions for braiding hair in cornrows in many places.  Obviously, you can go about learning this ancient technique the old-fashioned way, by observing and studying someone who has perfected the art form.  This is still the best way to not only intimately study the techniques involved to better understand that social and cultural relevance of braiding hair.

Cornrows actually date back as far as 500 B.C.  According to some historians, you can find depictions of this hairstyle in hieroglyphs and statues from primitive civilizations in Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt.  The Sphinx, in Egypt, is probably the most well-known example of such art work as you will find something that looks remarkably similar to cornrows flowing down the back of its head.

Obviously, then, this tradition is something that was not simply passed down through the generations, but it was apprenticed.  People had to sit and learn the painstaking technique, which could hours and sometimes even days to thoroughly complete, in order to preserve the culture.  Like most traditions, though, it was always time well spent.

Of course, these days, time is slightly more valuable, or at least it seems to be that way.  As such you may not have the time to study in a formal or regulated way.  Don’t worry, because there are other ways that you can learn the technique in your own way.  Aside from formal classes, which not only take time but also cost you money, you can learn how to cornrow on your own time.

The internet is the greatest communication tool ever developed but it is also probably the best way to learn about anything you want because it puts information at your fingertips.  This means that you can get more information on the cornrow style of hair braiding from your home computer, laptop, or mobile device any time of day from anywhere in the world.

While studying printed words certainly helps you to understand theory and history, the only way to truly learn is by observing.  There are many places on the internet that help you better understand the basic upward, underhand motion that is involved in cornrow braiding which results in the tight, separated braids.  Many of the videos you will find online are not only helpful but they are also usually free!  This means that you can learn in your free time and on your own budget, or even no budget at all!

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