How to Wash Cornrows

If you have decided to style your hair with cornrows, you may ask yourself how to wash cornrows. It is a good idea to maintain them by keeping them clean and well managed. Many people decide on this hairstyle to have easy maintenance and keep their possible frizz under control. There are only a few factors which you must consider when washing or maintaining the best condition of your hair in this style.

Firstly you may make it a bit easier on yourself if you purchase or make yourself a stocking cap. You can also use a beanie or ski cap. This is the best way to avoid direct contact of water to the hair and to help keep the hair from frizzing which will facilitate a longer life to the cornrows or style. In choosing which type of shampoo or soap to use is more or less your decision or preference but their are some options which are formulated specifically for different types of hair.

Making a mixture of shampoo and water before starting will cut down on time and help proportion the amount of product that will be actually reaching your scalp and hair. This can be done in a small bowl or cup and prepared ahead of the actual washing. Consider what scent you would like as well, and products that may prolong the life of the washing. Certain oils can help to keep the frizz under control for a longer period of time. Since every ones’ hair is different, the decisions are based on your personal type.

To start, place the stock cap on top of your head, use a soft stream of water, if you portable shower head, this can become much easier. Lightly run the water over your hair and cap. In your hand take some of the mixture of shampoo and water and foam it up between your hands. Lightly pat the foamed product onto your scalp over the cap and lightly massage it into your head. Letting it sit for a few minutes for a stronger effect. Rinse by lightly running the water over your scalp and cap. If you can customize the flow of water of your shower head it is best to use the most gentle stream.

Make sure to remove all product from your hair and cap which will help prevent the hair to react to the product. After washing, gently use a towel over the cap and press to remove excess water. Remove the cap and do the same, with a very gentle touch. After the hair is mostly dry an oil can be used at this time. You should have beautiful clean hair.

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  • Thanks, this is really useful. I cornrow both my daughter’s hair, but rarely can keep them in beyond 2 weeks because of the frizzy bit that spring up after washing.I will try this!

  • thank you so much this was my first time getting corn rows and this helped and i agree African American hair is beautiful! Thank you once again

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