Medium length black hairstyles: Terms and Expressions

You can choose from many medium length black hairstyles available from Thirsty Roots. African American hair can sometimes be difficult to style so having options is very important. When looking for medium length hairstyles, you may come across several terms that are unfamiliar to you too. This article will review a couple popular terms you may come across, when searching for medium length hairstyles.

Afro: This style became popular in the nineteen sixties and the nineteen seventies. It is popular among people with natural black hair. People who have tightly curled or kinky hair can also sport this hairstyle. When this style is completed, the hair stands out from the scalp in a tall fashion. Most commonly in a rounded shape, but it can be done in other shapes depending on a persons preference.

Afros are relatively easy for people to do themselves. You can use this style with any length hair, but works best in long or medium length hair. First mist dry hair with a moisturizer or conditioner, and massage into all of the hair. Use a hair pick to lift the hair away from the scalp, working from the ends of the hair to the scalp. Once all hair has been lifted away from the head, use your hands to shape the afro into the desired silhouette.

Dreadlocks: This is a common hairstyle, which is already familiar to most people. This is a hairstyle for only the most patient of people. It cannot be done overnight, and can take up to two to three years to be fully complete. Many misconceptions surround dreadlocks. Many people believe dreadlocks are dirty, and associate them with a certain type of people. But this is just not true in most cases.

To create dreadlocks you must encourage your hair to knot together into ropey lengths of hair. There are several ways that dreadlocks can be created and many techniques available to maintain this hairstyle. Many people choose this style because it is easy to maintain. Once the dreadlocks have been completely formed, you will have to cut your hair if you want to get rid of them.

Relaxed: By nature African American people have hair that is tightly curled and may be hard to manage in it’s natural state. So several medium length black hairstyles are chosen from hair that has been relaxed. This is done with chemicals that allow the hair be manipulated from it’s original curl pattern. Once it is relaxed, hair can be styled in many ways that it could not have been before in the natural state.

This is only a handful of terms that you might come across when searching for medium length black hairstyles. You may come across countless other expressions. To find out what these terms mean, and for other black hairstyles, visit our Black Hair Community.

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