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If you are thinking that it might be time for new look, why not try the increasingly popular style of dreadlocks?  Some of Hollywood’s finest are sporting this look these days, ranging from Jamie Foxx and Whoopi Goldberg to Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.  Dreadlocks can work for just about anyone of any hair type, though it is much easier to achieve dreadlocks of you have texted African hair rather than smooth Caucasian hair.  That is not to say that many European descendents can’t pull of dreadlocks, rather they simply have to take more time to prep their hair to get it to the appropriate texture.  If you think that you might want to consider doing your hair in dreads, one of the best ways to figure out if it is the style for you is to look at photos of hairstyles dreadlocks on the internet or in hair fashion magazines.

A lot of the photos that you will see show black celebrities wearing a huge assortment of dreadlock styles.  Jamie Foxx’s aforementioned dreadlocks are just one of the many variations on the dread theme.  He has short dreads, no more than two inches long.  They are well kept and well waxed.  He wears them in a style reminiscent of the spiky hair that is very popular on non-dreaded men.  The overall result is a fun hairstyle that would not look out of place at the office or the club.  Generally short dreads are a more acceptable style on black men than on white men.  This is mainly because few white men try short dreads; Caucasian hair simply won’t hold the style when it is that short.

You will see photos of long dreadlocks on both black and white men and women.  Long dreadlocks are about as close to a universally acceptable style as you can get.  As long as you keep your dreadlocks clean and not too fuzzy, you can pull them back and wear them in a corporate environment.  Women are given a lot of fun styling options with their dreads, especially in pictures of models who crinkle their dreads and then style them into a textured cloud of hair that is less a hairstyle and more a work of art.  As long as long dreads are waxed and have a uniform thickness, they look good on just about anyone.  If you don’t think this could possibly be true, look at photos of hairstyles dreadlocks online and see for yourself.

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  • You might want to check out a book entitled, About Black Hair by R.L. Worthy. It has a lot of information in it about Dreads.


  • I have been wearing locs for 9 years. Iv’e been doing it the entire 9 years myself. I made many atempts to go to a salon but change my mind at the last minute. When I started 9 years ago in the month of March,I cut my relaxed hair off and twisted my hair. It waa so short it looked like grains of rice!A co-worker talked to me everyday through the 1st year. Her locs were at her waist! Today my locs hang down midway of my back! I thank God for her encouragement to hang in there through those rough times! I have a lot of length but may locs are thining due to medications! I’ve always had thinning edges especially on my right side!I tried al kinds of pomade and hair growth products that don’t work! I also wear my locks wrapped! under the wrap my locs were pulled up in a pony tail which caused too much stress on my thin edges.I work in health care so that’s why I wear my hair wrapped. Today I washed my hair and decided to wear out and to stop waering the head wraps praying that my hair will thicken again! I just need to find a style to wear that will not show my edges and to not interfere with my job! Ive also thought about adding extenions on the right side to make it look fuller!

  • Have you tried any Aloe Vera (plant or gel)? It may help with cell re-growth on the edges.

  • Could I still get dreadlocks even though the sides of my hair are thin, I’am going natural after years of wearing braids. Please help

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