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Professional Cornrows

You can always tell who has professional cornrows. There hair always looks well groomed and uniquely put together. When you have some one who knows what they are doing, the talent shows through in their work. Your head will and should look like a canvas with a beautiful work of art on it. Don’t go for anything less. Especially with the price you pay to get your hair done professionally at a salon.


It is usually well worth it. There are some salons that are not to professional, and those are the ones you should stay away from. If you find yourself stuck in the hot seat, meaning you are already getting your head worked on when you realize how much you can not stand the way the woman that is doing your hair acts. You are not pleased with the way she is handling your head, and she keeps doing a thousand and one things besides your hair. Then on top of that she answers the phone every time it rings. The shop phone and her cell phone.

Yes by this time we are what ladies, pulling our hair out. Well nine times out of ten if the experience is that bad you can bet you are not the first customer to feel this way so what will complaining about it do. A professional establishment would not tolerate such rudeness from its hairdressers and as far as the office phone goes unless she is the only person there they should have an assistant to answer the phones. These tips alone should help you to decide if the place you go is professional or not. If you need any more clues. Look around at the decor and the comfort level of the salon. Any business that is in business for real is proud of their business so you will see pictures of there work around and they will have there licencing posted on the wall for every one to see, and it will be current. The most important thing they will have is the desire to please the customer.

If you are going to get professional cornrows at a professional price and not at cousin Tina’s house then you deserve to be in a professional establishment and not in a leased office with people pretending to be professionals. This mistake is made by the best of us. Your cornrows should shine like a star when you get them done professionally.

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