hair pieces that clip in

Hair pieces that clip in are very convenient and quick to do. For a long while the clip on hair piece or choice by a lot of people was the pony tails. You can also get clip on extensions now for a regular weave hair do. Clip in extensions are great for adding volume, length and color all without damaging your own hair.

With clip ins you can make short hair long and long hair short. You can also get a one hundred percent human hair or synthetic hair clip ins. As you know with all one hundred percent human hair, you can curl or flat iron it to the style you want. Clip in hair pieces are usually one level pieces for ease of use. That way you don’t have to worry about several different wefts.

We mentioned earlier the ponytail clip ins, but there are so many different variations of hair pieces that you can just clip in, your options are endless. There are half wigs which are also clip ins. The usually have a comb piece attached to the front and back of the wig so that you can firmly place the wig on your head with the combs. They are small and as long as the wig is not to big for your head it will fit securely. With a half wig you leave as much of your hair out in the front and on the sides and it blends so beautifully with your hair that people always say they look real. Half wigs come in any variety you can imagine from long to short, straight to curly, and even wet and wavy.

Some hair pieces that have a clip also may have a string on them so that you can wear the piece as either a ponytail or a half wig. If you are going to wear it as a ponytail you would then need to just put your real hair up in a ponytail and then put the hair piece over it clip the little combs onto your hair and then pull the sting tight and there you have it. Then when night hits and you are ready to go long and seductive take the same hair and apply it as a half wig.

Hair pieces that clip in are a total life saver for the busy woman. If you are on a budget, you will be good to go with the clip ins because for the most part they are not expensive. Like any other weave, price really depends on the quality of product you want.

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