what are the best glues for lace wigs


Lace wigs require some sort of adhesive, so what are the best glues for lace wigs? There are a lot of different reasons people wear lace wigs. When it comes to glue for lace wigs before choosing which kind to get, you need to have some sort of an idea as to how long you plan to wear your wig. There are soft bond adhesives and hard bond adhesives.

Some glues only hold for five to fourteen days. These of course are in most part the soft glues. They are good for emergency touch ups and quick do’s. If you are not looking to keep the wig on for long, Base Bond and Perma Tec are great options. They do the job smoothly, quickly, and dry quickly as well. You can keep a small four ounce bottle in your purse as an added benefit.

The hard bond adhesives are for those looking to keep their wigs on longer, and hair replacement therapies. Personally this is my favorite way to go. Most human hair lace wigs cost a pretty penny so I keep them on for a long time. This is also suggested for first time lace wig users. It is best if it is applied professionally. You do not want to risk applying the glue wrong and pulling out your hair.


Doing research online I found that a lot of people like to combine glues or use a glue with tape. These are good options as well to give you that extra firm hold. You need a glue that is going to stand up against your body heat producing sweat, the sun, and water. Especially water if it is for long term use. Ultra bond seems to be talked about as one of the best lace wig glues. The price is very reasonable for soft bond and hard bond glues.

You can also order adhesive packages online at some wig retailers. Most places you go to online that sell wigs also have an accessories category where you can find all you need to care for your wig. Check through and see if they have packages that include glue, tape, a good adhesive remover, scalp protector, skin protector and scalp prep that protects your scalp by providing a protective barrier. A fray block may be included with the package in order to prevent fraying of the lace.

No one can tell you fully what are the best glues for lace wigs because like I said it all depends on what your purpose of wearing a wig is in the first place.

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