acrylic and mohair and human hair wigs


Acyrlic and Mohair and Human Hair Wigs all come in a variety of styles as well as a wide range of prices. When considering which style of wig to choose there are a number of factors to think about. Each of these wigs gives anyone a slew of looks to choose from. Go from short straight acyclic to long curly human hair wigs depending on how you feel that evening.

If you are looking for a wig that you can style as you please then human hair wigs is the way you want to go. Human hair wigs are a little more expensive than synthetic wigs, but you have more freedom and control of your wig with human hair. You should also take care of a one hundred percent human hair wig like you would natural hair. Most human hair wigs can be worn in the shower but not all are made that way so make sure you look at the instruction that come with your wig. Although human hair wigs feel and acts like natural hair it does not get the natural oils that scalp makes so make sure you find those hair product that are specifically made for human hair wigs.

Acyrlic wigs come in a variety of designs like monotop, hand-tied, and fully wefted base acyrlic wigs. These wigs are great for there quick looks with little cost and you don’t have the worry with as much upkeep you would if you had a human hair wig. Because aycrlic wigs can not take the heat to be style they are not a good choice if you want to have a lot of control of how you wig looks. Mohair wigs have the same downside.

Mohair wigs on the other hand because of the fine grade which gives them the look of human hair or often used in dolls. You can however find some brave and beautiful wigs made for mohair. They do not require a lot of upkeep but if you want to keep that clean look should be clean and comb out once a week.

Acyrlic and mohair and human hair wigs all have there pros and cons. You have to weight whether you want flexibility of style with human hair or freedom of putting on and going you get from synthetic wigs. No matter which wig you choose as long as it pulls off the look you were going for will be the right wig for you.

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