10 inch lace front wig

10 inch lace front wig lines are a really popular length and provide great comfort with a secure fit that look natural more than any other lengths. The statement is true for African American women as other races tend to buy longer lengths most commonly in the 20 inch range. If you are seeking a great solution for a quick hairstyle look into the Vivica Fox Wig Collection for help.

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  • I was just going through thirstyroots.com because I’m a newly natural and I came upon your 10 in. lace front wig post and I fell in love with the picture you had posted above the article. I was just wondering if you knew what wig or hair line the wig came from?!

  • HELP!
    I am a 61 year old woman who likes to look my best. I have no intentions of dying my salt and pepper natural hair. And I would like to find hair peices and clips for my hair type. Where can i find them?

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