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relaxed hair after swimming

So how do you take care of your relaxed hair after swimming in the ocean or in a pool filled with chlorine? The thought of water on a relaxed hairstyle period scares the hell out of most women but if you are not one of them lets get this small issue resolved.

If you are a swimmer in the Summer months there are a couple of things you need to do to protect your hair from breakage and damage. If at all possible you want to cover your hair with a swimmers cap but if not lets get down to what you have to do after is gets wet in the water.

Salt or chlorine filled water is BAD for your hair period. It will dry it out and with the help of the sun beaming down it does it in a horrible way so you must wrap your hair with a towel as soon as you are finished swimming. This will block the harsh rays of the sunlight from hitting it while it has salt or chlorine in it.

Now that this is done you need to quickly get to a rinsing station that is usually around the area to rinse out the salt or chlorine. After that is done re-wrap your hair. Head home and jump in the shower and prepare to washout the chlorine with an anti-chlorine shampoo. Something like “ion Anti-Chlorine Swimmers Shampoo” is a good solution. (**NOTE** You cannot do this often. This should only be done once a week if you are a frequent swimmer) To much shampooing will also dry out your hair.

The solution for getting rid of the chlorine or salt for frequent swimmers is to co-wash the hair. Co-Washing is simply when you use a conditioner instead of shampoo to wash the hair, mainly the scalp. You also need to condition your hair a lot during your summer swimming months. Pay close attention to your ends as well. In closing I want to make sure you know that conditioning your hair during this time is serious. Do it often!

Enjoy your the water ladies.

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