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When it comes to transforming your look, trendy hairstyles with wigs can instantly do just that. And before you spend money at your local beauty supply store, check out RT Wigs by skilled stylist Raymona Thompson. As you can see below, Raymona specializes in creative custom handmade wigs that tops any ready made wig in a bag. If you want that diva look with out the hassle of sitting hours in the beauty salon, RT Wigs will give you a personalized style with or without popping colors or funky cuts!

Not only does her wigs have personality, but they are made with a cause.  Raymona has a foundation, Custom-for-a-Cause, in the works to offer custom made quality wigs for people suffering hair loss due to critical illness and diseases such as Cancer and AIDS.

Raymona hopes to make a difference in the lives of those ailing from these major illnesses, by supplying them with a small, yet often overlooked pleasure…a quality of life that can be enhanced with a quick glance in the mirror…a gift of custom-confidence (really) as she assists them in expressing their own individuality through her skilled inventions…


This is a lace front wig I made..I used milky way 10in brand..i used a razor to create this cut..I used the colors dark purple and lavender in the front make the wig pop! 🙂

– Raymona

Below you can view some of her work, also you can check her profile out in Thirsty Roots Community for more pics and styles.

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  • Ms. Raymona –
    YOU GO CHIC! I am so super-proud of you…you are truly doing BIG things and God is sure to continue blessing you for using your talent to give back in the wonderful way you’ve chosen to give! Your styles are amazing and unique and I stay impressed with your every creation! Prayers for your success…keep your trust in HIM. Blessings -Tres

  • Hey Mona, I just saw your amazing interview , YOU ROCK GIRL, I am so very proud of you and your wonderful line of wigs. GOD is truly blessing you with your gift and talents. I can’t wait to more of your creations. Luv ya and GOD BLESS!

  • you are truly blessed and very talented. You have taken wigs to another level.

  • Let me tell you something…YOU ARE A BEAST! The wigs are definitely unique & uber funky! Keep it up Sis, & much success to you.

  • All I can say is WOW! I would love to wear wigs, but I’ve never had one that would fit my face and not look like something sitting on my head. Yours Raymona are !!

  • Hey my name is Wendy from birmingham al. Your work is fabulous, I do similar styles on stocking caps. Feel free 2 contact me maybe we can share ideas. wendy merriweather facebook

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