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Jason Griggers Premiere Viewing “The Fash Lane”

Our friend Jason Griggers celebrated the premiere episode of the reality show “The Fash Lane” produced by Explore studios in which he was featured. We went to support him and view the first look before it drops on television tonight at 6pm on channel 29. If you have Comcast that is where you will find it. Here is a quick recap video and some pics of Jason enjoying the party with friends.

Stylist Jason Griggers

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  • I’m not hating at all but this snow queen is about to blow up… hard. Thanks be in part to the “eminem-ification” and the “elvis-ification” of black culture. We welcome all comers in our communities, but damned if there be a black woman who is a metal alt-rocker, golfer or hell… corporate finance guru. As soon as there is a white face on anything, white people start to care and bring their dollars with them. Hopefully it will be to everyone’s advantage.

  • My only plea is that Jason: When you blow up hard… please use your privilege and fame as an opportunity to advocate for equity within the hair community. If only for the economic equity of product makers and hairdressers of color to gain equal footing in the haircare industry.

  • Speaking as someone who actually goes to Jason and have been doing so for 10 years, Jason is blowing up not only because he’s white but because he can lay the hell outta black hair!! I’ve been to black stylists all my life and all I’ll say is finding Jason was a God send!!! The fact that he’s white was peculiar in the beginning but only because that blonde-haired, blue-eyed white boy did my hair 10 times better than ANY other black stylist I’ve ever been to!! His loyal clients don’t support him because he’s white or because he was in Good Hair; we support him because he is the ABSOLUTE best…HANDS DOWN :)!!!

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