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Rihanna responds to a “Nappy Hair” Comment on Twitter

Looks like the word “nappy” can’t escape its negative connotation.  Rihanna unleashed her cover art for her “Man Down” single.

Via NecoleBitchie.com:

Meanwhile a pseudo fan was more focused on her hair in the photo than her actual choice for the next single.


I love my thirsty roots, nappy, kinky, curly, straight, whatever it may be as Rihanna said it, I am black and proud of it! Well what are your thoughts?

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  • Im glad Rihanna got some “straightening”! She will think the next time before she insults someone. lol

  • Someone tried to insult me ONCE during an argument by telling me to “go perm my hair”. I was heated cuz it was an argument. I was offended another ignorant sister would say that to me. But then right there i realized how stupid she was. My natural state was my choice and i felt free of the chemicals and the European straight hair i use to sew in. Of course i told her minds was at least real and all there (opposed to her balding hairline-lol no offense my weave sisters). I still sew in as protective style in the winter (kinky straight or jeri curl of course)And i dont let small minded ppl offend. Go RiRi!!!

  • My first thought was lol rofl second thought is cant that person see that RiRi is black and last thought that weave doent look nappy it might be a little frizzy i think she needs glasses and go RiRi tell her as is lol…..

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