red dreadlocks photo

Crazy hot red dreadlocks photo for those that need to see what their hair would look like if they placed a little color in it.

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  • In the red dreadlock picture, where do you find those golden clips in your hair? I’ve been looking everywhere and cannot find them.

  • Sheer Beauty, Aswell As A Awesome Head Of Dreads! Im So Im Sooooo Loving The Rojo Color. Im Looking To Do The exact Same With My Dreads. iLove It! 🙂

  • I love this!! I’m still afraid to do mine though. My hair hasn’t fully locked yet and is still in the baby stage. Do you think I should do it before it locks or wait til it does???

  • Hey Char,
    I highly suggest waiting until you’re at 11 months or more. Your baby locs will be going through all sorts of stages. I messed with my hair before they were mature and had a lot of preventable issues. My hair carries both definite Z and S patterns, and when I started coloring and bleaching it, the Z locked quicker than the s. The result is tight locs with a whole bunch of loops. I just remind myself of that really ugly stage I went through for nine months and whatever came out thereafter is beautiful. My hair is my kid after all that work. P.S., when you bleach for this red, (Mine is a lot brighter), you’re going to have to do mega moisturizing and that doesn’t do well with baby locs. Hope this helped.

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