short curly dreads

If you want more fullness with you dreadlocks, try this short curly dreads hairstyle. These curls will add more glamor to your dreads and the curly spirals moves with lots of body. You can achieve the spirals with the following three options:

1. Sponge Rollers for Curling Dreadlocks

  • Sponge rollers are more comfortable for sleeping. They allow better airflow to the air, thus its the best option to use for curling. Make sure you use the sponge rollers that are covered with satin fabric (you can find these at Walmart). Make sure your hair is damp not soaking wet. You can curl the hair on freshly shampooed hair or just spritz the hair with water. Also, adding a little bit of light setting lotion or leave in conditioner may help set the locs and keep it moist. After rolling the hair you should let it dry completely either overnight, under a hooded dryer, or bonnet.

2. Perm Rods for Curling Dreadlocks

  • Perm Rods are best when you sit under the dryer to make sure the hair is dried complete. Due to the hardness of perm rods air does not flow easily through them. Curl  the hair while wet, just like sponge rollers and add setting lotion so the curls can last longer.

3. Flexirods to Curl Dreadlocks

  • Same process as perm rods and make sure you bend the flexirods up in the opposite direction to hold in the hair.

4. Pipe Cleaner Curls in Dreadlocks

  • The outcome of the pipe cleaner technique is tight bouncy ringlets. Start with wet hair like the above techniques. Take your locks (use no more than 1-2 locks per cleaner) and wind the hair around the pipe cleaner in the formation of a spiral curl, then bend the top of the pipe cleaner down to hold it in the hair (similar to the flexirods). More locs you use per each pipe cleaner the looser the curls, and the less you use, the tighter the curls. After the hair dries, remove the pipe cleaners and style a head full of ringlets in a curly dreadlocks updo or wear it all down with bouncy curls.

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