Styled Dreadlocks for Men

A great picture of styled dreadlocks for men to check out if they need something to reference as they continue to grow their hair out. Be prepared to put in some years to reach this length for this particular style though. Make sure that you also choose a barber that understands how to cut your hair with your dreads or it could be a disaster around the edges. Styled dreadlocks males picture gallery is coming soon so stay tuned.

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  • Hey this is me I have more great lock pics if your interested shoot me a email and thanks for the post

  • I was thinking of doing my hair myself because I don’t have a girlfriend right now and I don’t have that much money to go to the hair salons everytime my hair needs to be redone I have a couple of questions about hair & styles that I hope you have the answers to question 1 I had. This idea for a dreadlocks style almost similar to that in the picture instead of the whole head I would just do the top part what would you call that style I call it dreadcrown also what what be the best way of doing this style and keeping nice meet and shiny and healthy question 2 I was also thinking of platting (plaits/box Braids ) my real small. Like and than everytime the new growth come in I would just interlock the the new growth and than maybe get it braided back (cornrows like) is this possible. Can you interlock with box brads.question. 3 where in. The world (more so in west palm beach county) can I find/buy a lachrymal hook for hair and how. Muck does it cost I was also thinking of doing double twists and just retwist the new growth. P.SS what do/does red dreadlocks means please and think youz

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