Tipping Gratuity For Hair Stylist

Working in the service industry can be tough.  Not only do you have to have a special set of skills to begin with, but you also have to have people skills.  Many days this simply comes down to being nice to people when you are tired, sick, or dealing with a personal problem.  Most office and industry workers can come into work with any kind of attitude and get their job done – you don’t have the luxury of doing that.  Add to this the fact that service workers are often very low paid and you have a recipe for employee discontent.  One of the few perks of working in the service industry is the tips that you can earn.  However, there are many people who either don’t believe in giving tips or simply don’t know that they are tipping at an insultingly low rate.  That is why there are many guides to gratuity out there, such as tipping gratuity for hair stylist. I am sure your stylist would love tipping for styling your hair.

A trip to the salon is going to cost you a little bit.  Unless you can get a friend to cut your hair, you are probably going to have to pay at least fifteen dollars to get your hair cut just about anywhere in the country.  In urban areas it will necessarily be more.  Again, this can vary with the length of your hair and how much styling you are getting done.  Some people budget one hundred and twenty dollar haircuts because their fashion means that much to them.  Regardless of how much you are planning on paying, you need to factor in the tip price as well.

If you are happy with your hair style when you leave the salon you should tip your stylist between ten and twenty percent of the total bill.  Even if you are not thrilled with the outcome, but your stylist was pleasant, listened to what you wanted and tried to execute your wishes you should still tip in the low end of that range.  Remember, if you are willing to pay one hundred dollars for a hair cut you can afford to shell out twenty for tip.  You can also tip the person who shampooed your hair a few dollars, between three and five.  Tipping gratuity for hair stylist is the way that this underpaid, underappreciated person makes her living.  It is important that you are willing to pay for the skills and personality traits she has honed to do her job well.

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  • I appreciated the comments on tipping. However, I wonder about tipping at the salon I’m going to. There don’t appear to be any underpaid underlings. The stylists are the owner and an associate. They charge $500.00 and upwards for weaving, and I’m sure they make more than I do. I have to scrimp and save to pay for their services. Am I really expected to give a 10%-20% tip?

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