Afro Lace Front Wigs

Afro lace front wigs are a fun and lively hair style that gives a sense of power when worn with confidence. The afro is made possible a number of ways the most popular being a real tight curl to give a fluffed afro look. There is also the option of the lazy afro lace wig that has the same texture and feel of the traditional afro but instead of the hair standing firm it gently flows down your back and shoulders.

The afro gained most of its popularity in the seventies and is slowing making a statement in the hair world of today. It stood as a symbol a self pride in the African American community and was accepted by the rest of the world as a fun and free spirit hairdo. Though it looks simple it is a very hard job to keep the afro looking good. Even as a wig it requires a certain kind of care. You can find the correct products to take care of your  afro at almost any hair store.

While the traditional afro is mostly worn by African American the lazy afro is shared by white, black, Asian and more. This version of the afro is so loved by everyone because it gives a look of life with its dynamic curls but carries a sense of elegance from the way it seems too glide down your shoulder. If you are looking for a hair style that will grab attention as well as show self confidence the right lace front afro can over deliver.

There are some afro wigs that give you the versatility to hot curl it straight. Wigs made from synthetic hair may melt under the heat of a styling comb, but a lace front afro wig with a good quality human hair will give you the option of eccentric curls one day and silky straight the next day. Straightening a afro will take a lot of work but the results are well worth it, like the elders say anything worth having is worth working for it.

With all the afro lace front wigs out there it will be very tempting to just take the first wig you get your hands on, do not do it. The afro is a very hard hair style to pull of but if done right can make anyone the talk of the evening. So take the time to find a good quality wig made from a strong grade of hair. Make sure it is a wig that you can be proud to where because it was started to promote self pride.

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  • I would like to no were could i purchase the Beyounce wig on your website.

  • Please advise where I can purchase a lace front afro wig from. Im looking for something similar to the one beyonceis wearing on your website.

  • @ Jill not sure where you can purchase afro wigs. These pictures are inspiration pics to show the beauty of the afro hairstyle. You can go to rtwigs.com and maybe a custom wig can be made for you.


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