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Types of Cornrows

There are many types of cornrows, from which you can choose. In fact, there are so many that you could be lost in pictures for days. Luckily, you have plenty of time to try many different cornrow hairstyles. This article will explain how cornrows styles are done, and look at different types of cornrow braids as well.

Cornrow braids are a type of braid that lays flat against the head. This style of braid is extremely popular in the African American culture. Many famous African American people promote this hairstyle. As famous as this style is today, many people would be surprised to learn that its roots go back into quite an extensive history. There are examples of this hairstyle in ancient roman history, displayed on coins.

If you are familiar with a French braid then you have a basic understanding of a cornrow braid. A cornrow braid is a French braid in a much smaller form. This is why it is slightly more difficult to do then a normal French braid.

This style has grown immensely in recent years. Today there are many different ways that cornrows are braided. Many different patterns are available to a person who is interested in this style. If you are interested in getting cornrows, you can pretty much choose to have them braided into almost any design that you would like.

Hair extensions can be woven into cornrows for people who do not want to expose their hair to other harsher procedures. This also adds many more options to the styles from which a person can choose. Having extensions woven into cornrows is said to be less painful then other methods as well.

There are many resources available when choosing which design you would like. Many stylists have pictures of work that they have done before; you can also look in magazines for celebrity cornrow hairstyles as well. The internet is a great tool to use when looking for styles and designs. You can find websites that feature photographs of the many variations of cornrows.

Cornrows last quite a long time when managed correctly. You should be aware of this when choosing a design. The design that you choose should be something that you are going to be happy with for many weeks.

How long it takes this style to be completed depends on many different things. The stylist, the design you choose, how thick your hair is, the length of your hair, and the size of the braids that you choose to have done.

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