best way to braid cornrows

Best way to braid cornrows can be a useful guide for you if you want to wear this hair style. This style is very popular among the young people and teenagers from America and all over the world. It is originally from Africa, but it was common for the hair style of Egyptians too. It was a trend during the late 60’s and 70’s and became fashionable again in the 90’s because of hip-hop culture. This style is worn both by women and man and it has the advantage that it lasts long time (at least a week).

The style is comfortable to wear, proper for the hot seasons, easy to care. So it has a lot of advantages. The disadvantages, if we can call it a disadvantage, the fact that it takes long time to braid the cornrows. So you must have lot o patience if you want such a hair dress. The time needed to obtain this hair dress depends on the patterns you choose. If the pattern are complicated the time increases proportionally to their complexity.

First of all, what is necessary for these cornrows are small rubber bands, gel, rat tail comb, leave in conditioner and water.

The hair must be wet so that the cornrows could be braid easily. The leave-in-conditioner will protect the hair from breakage.

Now, that these steps have been accomplish, the next step is to choose the cornrows design, and the braid process can start.

Then the hair is divided in thin sections, because the small cornrows last better.

With a rat-tailed comb, it is taken a section of hear and it is separated in three parts that are braided. You must start with the sections near the top of your hair. Once the braid is finished it is secured with the hair rubber. The process goes on until the number of cornrows wanted is achieved you can braid all the hair or only parts of it. It depends on the pattern you have chosen anyway, this process can last 3-4 hours so, beside talent, experience and skill, and it is necessary patience too.

So you can choose simple cornrows or cornrows with extension. But you must take into account that the time needed to have a hair dress using cornrows with extension can last for at least a week.

Even if you choose an easy method to braid cornrows or a difficult one, the result is a comfortable and good looking hair dress. Not to mention that it is preferred by children because they get rid of the every morning brushing torture.

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