Braided Hairstyles Black Women 2014


The braided hairstyles black women 2013 were spruced up with two strand twist and even dreadlocks to give more flair. Natural hair has taken off and reached major heights in growth so the styling options for braids in 2013 were vast. Regular cornrow braiding was rarely seen and the intricate designs were heavy. Check it out!

IMG_8453 IMG_8686 IMG_1403 Braided-Hairstyles-Black-Women-2014-4 Braided-Hairstyles-Black-Women-2014-5 Braided-Hairstyles-Black-Women-2014-6 Braided-Hairstyles-Black-Women-2014-7 Braided-Hairstyles-Black-Women-2014-8 Braided-Hairstyles-Black-Women-2014-9 Braided-Hairstyles-Black-Women-2014-10 Braided-Hairstyles-Black-Women-2014-11

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