Shondra’s natural hair frohawk

A braided natural hair frohawk is an edgy style that speaks confidence and fierceness just as Shondra displays in this photo. I am really loving the frohawk. Shondra joined Thirsty Roots community and experienced much love and support for her natural hair journey. She is proud to be rocking her natural curls and in her words:

“Being natural has allowed me to express myself freely. Though those who disagree with MY CHOICE I embrace this journey all the way.”

– Shondra

Well, we at Thirsty Roots join you in your choice to be natural. Self-expression helps you define who you are as an individual. We embrace the beauty of black hair and promote “good hair” as “healthy hair”.

“I’m working towards healthy hair, mind, body and soul. I am seeking Wholeness.”

– Shondra

Click Here for her Thirsty Roots Community Profile.

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  1. Bradquida

    I love the hair Shondra, didn’t know you were part of the community. I LOVE MY THIRSTY ROOTS!


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