10 Hairfinity Reviews Both Positive and Negative

There is no doubt that Hairfinity came along and shook up the hair care industry. It seemed like it was out of nowhere that women went from healthy hair care regimens for hair growth to popping pills.

There are many interesting Hairfinity reviews but we wanted to focus on one that stretched over a 6-month period to start. If you are dedicated to taking pills for half a year you deserve to be recognized.

The gist of taking Hairfinity pills to grow your hair is for 2 daily doses for a fairly long period of time (months) to see real results.

One bottle cost about $25 and last for a month. So to see measurable results of hair growth and length be prepared to spend out $75-$150. In monthly terms that is 3-6 months.

You will also need to get use to popping pills every morning and night. Drink a ton of water if you go this route. Some Hairfinity reviews rave about the quality and health of hair being great after taking the pills for weeks or months. Other reviewers experienced something totally different.

I know what you are asking?

Do they work?

Will my hair grow longer if I take these pills?

Well, it’s hard for us to answer that question. We can help with some women who have given REAL feedback about Hairfinity pills though.

10 Hairfinity Reviews Both Positive and Negative

Hair Growth (Acne Alert)

Does Hairfinity Work? 3 Months

8 Month Journey

Grew Hair (Pimples On Face)

30 Day Update (Scalp Itching)

Experienced FAST New Growth

Negative Hairfinity Review

Hairfinity Tragedy + Hiatus

Swollen Itchy Face



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  • I have never had more terrible customer service in my life!! The vitamins are trash. All these reviews are fake. I experienced hair loss and acne. I ordered a four month supply, tried it for two weeks and sent all product back. (3 unopened bottles and one half used) I emailed the company when I sent it back with tracking and they said thank you we will refund when returned. I emailed again a week after it delivered and they told me to wait 14 business days. I waited well over and they told me they would not refund me because it was delivered a day after a month from the order date. So they one month policy is a lie. It’s doesn’t account for the shipping time to you and back. And it came ONE DAY LATE!!! I spent a hundred dollars and another 12 to ship and they refuse to refund me for my unused bottles. I have been contacting them via email and finally contacted the manager Giana who was EXTREMELY rude and disrespectful Yelling Over me. She kept saying do you know how many people call about the same issue. Well then fix it. Your a manager. This company is terrible and direspectful, greedy, liars and stealers. I work very hard for my money and they do not care about their costumers. DONT SUPPORT THIS COMPANY! The vitamins do not work and they don’t deserve business.

  • I placed an order for Hairfinity pills from the Hairfinity website (April 20, 2021) turns out they are not from the United States, they are from Saudi Arabia. Hairfinity’s headquarters are supposed to be based in Slidell, LA but all of their products are coming from a foreign country, even when you think you ordering from the US. My label got canceled b/c she told me not all of my products were in but they are available on the website. She then told me it would be a week before I would get them, my question was why? When you call customer service you will either get someone named Marge or Marie they are not from the USA. Marie sent me an email from Arabia and when I questioned her about it she changed the email, so I canceled my order. If you google Brock Beauty Arabia you will get this…Hairfinity Saudi Arabia Brock Beauty Cosmetics Trading LLC Office No.66, 8th floor, Opal Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. Telephone: 00971554910096… Please be careful ya’ll we don’t know what they are putting in these products, especially if they lying about where they coming from. If this was anything else I wouldn’t care but since this is something you put in your mouth…be careful

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