makeup tips for women with black hair and dark brown eyes

makeup tips black hair

tips for makeup black hair

If you need makeup tips for women with black hair and dark brown eyes, you have probably tried everything you can think and still aren’t satisfied.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear makeup, it just means that you may have to start thinking far outside the box.  After all, the makeup industry is much like any other and it revolves the money that it makes from a majority of consumers.  That doesn’t mean that they make products solely for that majority.  Similarly, it doesn’t mean that you have to go without makeup.

Not every woman in this world has fair skin, fair hair, and light eyes.  Indeed there are many different cultures and within them several characteristics that serve to diversify the species.  Accordingly, each person is made up of different genes, some from their mother and some from their father, which results in different shapes, sizes, colors, and body type.

If you have dark hair and dark eyes, there are a few things that you should know when thinking about your next makeup purchase.  First of all, this combination usually requires that you wear a foundation of the same shade as your skin.  This will help to keep your natural tone while also making it more even.  Of course, then, you will follow up with blush.  In this case, you will probably stick with a cream blush as it can help to accentuate the natural curves of your face.  You can also use a bronzer if you so desire.

The eyes are where you want people to look, so you want to draw attention to them, but in an exciting or intriguing way.  You might, then, choose deep colors like different shades of purple or blue to give your face more color.  You can also lean more towards subtlety with champagne, bone, gold, birch, and deep browns.  Of course, you can layer these colors with complementary shades using eye shadows and eye pencils or liner in combination.  If you want to use metallic shades, remember that silver goes best with darker colors in the deep blue region and gold seems to pair well with more of the reds.

To finish your look, you will obviously probably want to use lipstick.  The same strategy you used for your eyes is applicable here too.  Start with the natural shade of your bottom lip and then go more dramatic with deeper, richer colors, or more natural with subtle, lighter colors.

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