55 Amazing Black Hair Art Pictures and Paintings

black hair artBlack hair art pictures are always something interesting to look at. Every artist has their own style and we celebrate each of their individual talents.

Being able to look at colorful paintings and drawings of natural hairstyles, afros, locs and curly hair is awesome.The amount of time and dedication it takes to produce work like this has to be respected.

Just selecting the pictures for this articles brought pure joy to our faces. Little girls hairstyles and strong black women are within the options.

Supporting Black Hair Art and Artists

Buying a piece of art from an African American is always good in our opinion. The community of black artist is already small so supporting them is a good idea. Their talent doesn’t stop at expressive hair pictures.

To be honest many of these paintings and drawings are not focused on hair at all. It’s only because Thirsty Roots is a black hair brand that we focused on the follicles…lol. Each one of these pieces of art is truly impressive. The woman with the Senegalese braided hairstyle is dope.

We found these images from various sources around the Internet and are happy to bring them forward for your viewing pleasure.

These artist deserve every bit of the recognition we all can give them. We have listed the names of the artsy crew when we could find them.

If you know of a painting or drawing that does not have the credit supplied please email us so they can receive full credit.

natural hair art black queen

Thirsty Roots® Black “Queen” – Naturally Crowned Art Poster

1. Big Curly Hair and Yellow Shirt

2. “Graffiti” by Frank Morrison from “Urban Mannerisms”

3. Ebony Brown Afro and Bubble Gum

4. Black Wonder Woman

5. ‘Fro and Butterflies

6. The Electric Lady

7. Black and White Afro

8. Atavi Deng

9. Fight the Power

10. Two Strand Twists and Red Comb

11. Large Curly Afro

12. Woman In the Red Dress

13. Curly Brown Afro and Green Dress

14. Beauty and Locs

15. Tiana from Disney

16. Blow Dry – Cutest Kidz Collection

17. Colored Pencil Afro

18. Ebony Bones

19. Red Lipstick Colored Pencil Drawing

20. Child from Africa Mursi Tribes

21. Desert Queen

22. Chocolate

23. Queen of the Beehive

24. Curly Girl with Highlights

25. Red Bikini Big ‘Fro

26. Women In Afros

27. Painted Erykah Badu

28. Laughter

29. I Love Myself

30. White Dress Afro and Flower Headband

31. Big Hair and Freckles

32. Red Hair Sex Appeal

33. Dreamy Eyes in Yellow Shirt

34. Black Hairstyle Words in Art

35. Afro Ebony

36. Sexy Curly Red

37. Colorful Graffiti Girl

38. Long Artsy Twists

39. Makeup Flower Girl

40. Long Curly Girl Stretched

41. Sassy

42. Gwada Girl

43. Shades and Bubble Gum ‘Fro

44. Brown Eyes and Lipstick

45. Artful Senegalese Twist

46. Pencil Drawing Black Hair

47. Natural Hair Selfie

48. Colored Hair and Roses

49. Black and White Cornrow Curly Puff

50. Full Figured Natural Woman

51. Alexandra

52. Niña de África (Natural Hair Twists Out)

53. “Summer”

54. Expressive Through Words and Hair

55. Legendary Icons Graphic Art

Thirsty Roots® Natural Hair Art Poster

“Black Queen Naturally Crowned – Born to Stand Out”

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Our goal is to share the beauty of Afro-textured hair and to have a place where we can come together to get examples, advice, and information of black hair growth and hairstyles. Whether you have permed, pressed, or natural hair it's still black hair and it's beautiful.


  • i totally loved this. Im a illustrator and i would love to do a piece of this kind! African queens stand up!
    Totally Amazing!!!

  • These drawings are better than “AWESOME” the picts look good but the emotional energy i get off them really sets them off…. i am a hairstylist trying to advertise my business as well as the beauty of “black” (black women, black hair, black is beautiful) in Wva, trying and wanting to promote healthy hair and doing outreach as welll andsharing the black hair journey beginning with Madame CJ Walker… i would love to use some of the picts on my facebook business site and would like to get permission to use some of them… can u give me any information on how or if i can???
    Thank u….

  • Hey the art on this page is absolutely stunning just powerful and beautiful. So unique and I really loved looking through these paintings. Love love love the big African hair and attitude!!!

  • the pic’s are awesome I am so glad I stop weaving and hard pressing my hair, so many black women are starting to suffer with Alopecia not understanding that natural beauty is the way to go.
    I wear my natural hair and I get more complement then when I pressed or I had my head weaved. Black women need to stop weaving and pressing their hair and take a serious look at our Amazing Black hair Art.

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