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10 Things That Cause Hair Shedding

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Why Are My Thirsty Roots Dropping?

There are several reasons your hair could be shedding but the main reason is that it is normal.

Huh… Did you say normal?

Yes. The human body is a complicated machine and it can react to many things regarding your hair. At certain points of our human lives shedding will naturally increase so don’t freak out.

It’s known as seasonal shedding and could last for a couple of weeks or in a less dramatic fashion of days.

Let’s take a look at where you may be in the process. This brings us to a word in the English dictionary called HORMONES!

Definition: Hormones are chemicals that carry messages from glands to cells within tissues or organs in the body. They also maintain chemical levels in the bloodstream to help achieve homeostasis, which is a state of stability or balance within the body.

Hormones are a major influence when it comes to shedding your thirsty roots.

This simply means that trying to balance moisture levels and protein treatments for your hair could be a non factor. Hormones changing in the body is an internal thing so external and topical hair treatments may have zero chance in stopping excessive shedding.

Did you know that someone with healthy hair may shed fifty to one hundred strands of hair, DAILY, of total body hair?

Yup, that’s normal.

There are black men and women who shed even less per day which is amazing.

So When Do I Get Concerned About Shedding?

The alarm bell should start ringing if there is an excessive increase in the shedding of your thirsty roots.

– More than previous
– Lasting several weeks or months

NOTE: If you are pregnant prepare yourself for hair shed. It may not happen to you but understand that many women experience a massive shedding of their thirsty roots after birth.

The loss of hair increase can carry on for months due to the declining of hormone levels. Once the hormone levels get back to a normal rate the dramatic shedding episode will cease.

We know it’s a lot to going on but this is why it’s important to “Love Your thirsty roots”.

The more information you have the better you can take care of your black hair resulting in longer and healthier tresses.

10 Things That Cause Hair Shedding

– Stress
– Birth Control Pills | Menopause | Menstrual Cycle
– Stressed out thirsty roots due to styling methods
– Pregnancy
– Heredity
– Thyroid Disorder
– Anemia
– Specific Medications, Chemotherapy | Major Surgery
– Low protein diets
– Prevailing symptoms resulting in a high fever

Consult a physician if you have read this article and believe your profuse shedding of hair may have a medical relation.

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