African Twist Braids

Wearing African twist braids are the new craze in hair braiding. They can be worn long or short, as well as curled on the ends or not. Twists are easy maintenance and very beautiful. Some even say they are taking the place of the micro braid craze. Twists may take more or less around the same amount of time to do as micros. It really just all depends on how thick and how long you want your twist braids to be.

Twists are so popular that there are a lot of different style variations now in which you can where them. Men are even wearing there cornrow hairstyles in twists. If done correctly they will look nice, neat, and very well done. They should not look rough or rugged like dread locks, but have a beautiful smooth swirl look.

A lot of these African hair braiding styles have been around for centuries. We are just really getting the beauty of it spread out through the world. African hair braiding is now the top of the braiding world. Nine times out of ten if you are going to get your hair braided you are going to get it done at an African hair braiding salon, or at the least get the inspiration for your style from an African hair braiding salon.

Twists for that matter are no different. The inspiration and drive for the twist braiding style came from African hair braiders. The cost to get them done is pretty much around the same price range as micros. If done correctly your hair will grow with them in and not break off from them. Be aware of the sides of your hair line as well as you would with micros. You do not want your hair coming out from the roots because the twists are two tight. This however, is not as much of a problem as it is with micros because of the fact that they are not as small.

African twist braids can be done by twisting the hair and then braiding all the ends together in two a three part braid. This style is preferred by men. It looks very nice, sleek and well groomed. Especially when it is coupled with a nice line up and shave on the mans face. If a woman just wants a cornrow type of hair do but with twists instead this can be done classy for her as well.

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