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Making Cornrows

Making cornrows is not to difficult of a task. The basic cornrow style that is. When  you get into the more complex styles is when it can become very tricky. In Africa it can get very hot. it makes a lot of sense that they would be the originators of braiding hairstyles. Besides the heat, the texture of African American hair, especially African hair is very course and curled. This type of hair is the ideal braiding hair.

The thickness makes the hair easier to grasp and a lot easier to manage as you are braiding it. Even if your hair is short. When you make your hair in a cornrow hairstyle and it is short try adding in some synthetic braiding hair that you can purchase from any hair store. This type of braiding hair is cheap and usually only cost around ninety nice cents a pack. You are not obligated of course to use this type of braiding hair for your cornrows. That is just the kind that works pretty easily and is also coarse which makes it easier to braid in with your hair.

There is pony braiding hair, which is a synthetic form of yaki that gives a sort of J Body type of curl through out it at the ends. Pony hair does look good when you first get your hair done. This hair does however get old really quick. It begins to mat up and look dull no matter what you do to it. If you plan to do your cornrows in a micro style cornrow hairdo then you would want to use good human braiding hair. Micro cornrows are vastly becoming very popular among us all. It brings a sexy vibe to the cornrow hairstyle. You have the ability to dye it to change your hair color. You can curl it for two weeks in different types of curling styles. Then after that wear it in a up do if it is not to cold outside.

Wear your cornrows in whatever style suits and fits you best. Knowing your look makes all the difference. As a beginner in making cornrows, you must remember to not go wild style. You are putting yourself through a trial period, so therefore your aim is for neatness of your braiding technique. Insure that you are not braiding over hand on half the braid and under hand on the rest of the braid. Trust me that will show.

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