black girl weave hair

This is a really nice picture of a black girl with weave in her hair to enhance the look she is going for at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta. I like the crystal rhinestones that are draped down the right side too. Along with the honey blonde highlights it works well.

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  • As a white guy I can honestly say that Black Girls are the hottest girls on the planet. I find it very annoying how all pop culture glorifies is cookie cutter barbie doll blonde girls when there are much much prettier girls. Media, Google, ESPN, Companies all use fake blonde white girls as spokes people when they are all blinded by true beauty. Black girls ROCK!!!

  • I love this hairstyle 🙂 its too cute. What are the are her hair colors ? Cause i am thinking about dying my hair this summer ( for a different look ) & i would love to have this color in my hair. My hair color is black so i think it would work.

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