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Many times you see the men with longer dreads but remember those guys have to start from somewhere and this is a great picture of short dreadlocks worn by a black man. In a couple of years he will have some really nice locs that will have several inches of length. The question will then be if he will keep them black or strategically place some color in them.

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  • hi,

    I am starting a bit late, at 49 but my 17 y/o daughter and 10 y/o son wants dreads, so as a loving father who have been asked to go dread/twists with them, I gave my word my that I would. So here are my questions, 1. is there a difference between dreads and twists? 2. my hair is very short at this time would one syle be better than the other for me? 3. what products should I look to use, as my hair is not very coarse. Thank you in advance! A loving father.

  • Matthew im unsure if this would be of any help at this point but i just recently started my dread journey( valentines day) and it was home done using a coiling comb to twist it and jamacian mango and lime locking gel if still interested can be contacted at dejon.harper@yahoo.com or call 228-284-7557

  • about how many dreads are oon that guy’s head? i want mine to be about that thickness, i don’t want to have a lot of little skinny ones but i’d rather have less but thicker ones, not too thick though, i was thinking about 60-70?

  • I have locks myself and have been doing my bf’s for a few yrs, he has that “good” hair. Took a while to lock but had to be persistent…@bob: section your hair about as wide as you want the lock. just know that locks can be combined but never split…like if you have one that’s too thin you can combine it at the root with another one. and stay away from petroleum based waxes…stuff stays in your hair and collects dust and lint (kinda gross, esp when you can see a lint ball in the lock!)

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