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Black Hair Best Moisturizer

A black hair best moisturizer must be one that fully appreciates the natural texture, dryness, and kinkiness of African American hair.  Our hair is indeed very dry and in fact even has a difficult time absorbing moisturizers the way that other hair does.  This leaves it very susceptible to breakage, fraying, and split ends and is the reason why it is very important to employ a regular and consistent effort to maintain proper maintenance.

Outside of pure water – Shea butter is, perhaps, one of the best products used for the purpose helping moisturize and seal hair as long as it has some water in the product.  It not only helps to moisturize and protect, but it also offers some healing properties, helping to restore nutrients and strength to hair that may have been damaged from the elements or everyday abuse.

Many natural oils can help in this way too.  Popular and successful hair conditioning products that contain coconut and olive oils are also very good for the hair and the skin as well.  Therefore, when you use a shampoo or conditioner that might contain these oils, or others, you not only get benefits for your hair, but for your scalp as well.

Hot oil treatments are particular helpful if you really need to penetrate deeply into the roots or follicles of your hair.  This is basically the same thing as washing your hair, as hot water helps to open the pores to allow for more absorption.  However, hot oil treatments offer more direct contact to your hair for better absorption.  You simply apply the heated oil directly to the hair and wrap it in a towel.  Then you sit for about twenty minutes and rinse it out.

Of course, there are many other kinds of moisturizing products too.  They are not all the same and not all of them will work for you, so you may need to do some investigation to find the right one for you.  You could also ask your stylist for their opinion.  They might know of something that seems to work for a wider base of clientele.  They might also know of any products that are designed for the particular issues you may be dealing with.

You can also ensure the health and strength of your hair by eating right or taking a multivitamin.  There are many naturally-occurring vitamins that help to strengthen your hair and when you take this supplements daily you should see an improvement in your hair’s integrity over time.

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  • While looking for the best haircare products and skincare products in the market, one has to be careful in choosing the right products. To begin with, it is crucial to determine by reading the label or list of ingredients that the product is, in fact, made from all-natural ingredients. It is also important that the products have the right ingredients to suit your skin or hair type. If you have a problem like dry skin or hair fall, the product should be able to address that issue naturally and effectively. And most importantly, the products you choose should ideally exceed your expectations in terms of enhancing the beauty of your skin and hair.

  • HELP! I am 56 yrs old and i don’t have hair on my temples and going receding on top of my head. have wore extentions and jeri curls most of my adult life, now wearing stocking cap hair styles. because of uneven hair, I took electric clippers and cut it down even all over accept where i was bald, trying to play catch up. My hair is very dry and breaks easy which is why i cut it down. DESpartely seeking help.
    I have to wear a hair net and a hard hat at work 10hrs. a day. I thought about just cutting my hair down to the bone or putting a texturizer in to get it to grow and give it moisture in order to get it to grow which is a slow process for me as well as getting tired of putting that kind of chemicals in my head all the time, right now i am taking hair vitiams and and using a line of products called SHEAMOISTURE. The only time I will wear my hair in public is when I am in a big city where people don’t know me because I am that embrasses. I am getting to old to keep wearing braids, and I am getting to the point to where I hate wearing wigs.
    Why can’t I grow a whole head of hair instead of partial head at least even all the way around. I wouldn’t care if it was short as long as it would be a full head and not partial. PLEASE RESPOND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  • hello pearl, you should reeally look into speaking with a demermatologist to see what is causing your hair to fall out. it could be a number of things from diet, health, hormone change, and aging. some women as they age the hair pigmentation and growth changes due to hormones changes such low estrogen or menapause. overly processing the hair can cause hair breakage. give your hair time when changing or trying new hair products i usually recommend 3 to 6 months with my clients. Remember that as you also age the hair looses moisture so try different hair moisturizers. by the way i am a hair stylist. hope this helps. good luck

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