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Black Hair Breakage Causes

Black Hair Breakage Causes

Black hair breakage causes are common amongst African Americans who lack the proper knowledge of healthy hair care. Many think their hair is simply not growing. Unless there is a medical condition this simply is not true. Human hair grows an average of 1/2 an inch a month which means the issue is retaining that length.

There are several contributors to black hair breaking off but some outweigh others heavily!

Top 3 Things That Cause Black Hair Breakage

Dry Ends – Excessively dry hair can occur from too much heat styling. If constant flat iron usage is hitting your thirsty roots, especially at extreme heat this will leave your follicles without moisture. If you forgo a good conditioning regimen for your hair the opportunity for more moisture is being missed. Conditioning your thirsty roots after every shampoo is important. Remember black hair needs a lot of moisture so regular deep conditions and leave-in conditioners are vital as well.

Styling Techniques – So many women are unaware that very tight ponytails and braids are breaking their hair off. Even the wrong clamps (metal) and elastics (uncovered) can catch and break off follicles. Constant manipulation of your thirsty roots is NOT GOOD but introducing protective styles is GREAT!

Overlapping Chemicals – Relaxing previously relaxed hair is damaging especially if administered before six to eight weeks. (Depends on your hair type)

You should only be touching up new growth, however this is tricky in most cases and should be left to a professional stylist. Color is also a problem if used too much or on top of other chemical processes. The issue with this is dryness.

Relaxed hair that has to be bleached before depositing the new color on the hair can cause severe damage and breaks to your thirsty roots.

Lack of Trimming – Yup, sounds CRAZY but the proper trim regimen will help you maintain the length of your hair.

If you have fallen victim to any of these issues or more read the following article for 5 Ways To Stop Hair Breakage.

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