braids and twist

Braids and twist hairstyles are starting to gain momentum in the corporate world because of the options you have in the styling of the hair. Stylist are able to create a more professional look with the hair on the twist side. In the above picture the braids blend in well with the natural hair styling of the twisted strands. The color enhances the look as well.

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  • how do you braid the hair without messing up the twists?Or how does the braid blend into the twist witout taking the hair down

  • Char~ You have to Section off the hair for the Braids & Twist. You would do the Braids 1st then the Twist or Vice Verse.
    Then once you are finshed with both you will get this Beautiful style.
    I hope that answered your ?.

  • What rods did you use to twist the hair and what kind of hair product did you use to keep that natural look.

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